Leather Stitching Pack 

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◆ pH controlled lotion-type cleaner, anti-mildew ingredients contained.◆ Effective not only for leather goods but also for P.V.C goods.◆ Makes leather soft thanks to blended ingredients of softener and mink fat.

$ 60.00

◆ Suitable for shoe care, smartening accessories and giving leather wear a new life!◆ Leather softener is included.

$ 28.00

◆ Rubber cleaner which suitable for napping or suede leather. ◆ Excellent for cleaning dried glue or stubborn grime from your leather crafting. Also great for removing excess water based glue from your leather projects.◆ 100% natural material that could work effectively and will not leave mark on the leather

$ 26.00

◆ Eraser type cleaner with white part and gray part which involves sands.◆ Effective for light colored leather which is easy to be stained and for napping leather products.

$ 26.00

Luxury natural wood case for storing hand stitch needles

$ 40.00

◆ Features four width choices for burnishing different thickness of leather to achieve smooth edge◆ Quick, easy, handy tool, round top pointed end for those small curved areas that are often hard to reach.

$ 46.00

◆ Using with leather strop & sharpening oil together, to keep the sharpness of the knife or razor.

$ 15.00

Strong high quality genuine 3mm leather round cord, easy to use and very versatile that can be used as thongs, stringing materials, accessories making, craftwork etc.

$ 10.00

Professional tool used for creating a stitching recess on leather

$ 58.00

◆ Use this block to reduce tangles in thread and to make it slide easier.◆ Used to improve the glide of tools.◆ Or can be used by rubbing onto the edge of leather for a glossy look

$ 15.00

Luxury Stamping Wood Box Set Pre-order Customize your leather goods with your own set of stamping kit! ----------------------------------------------- This one is pre-order product, estimated arrival in 6-8 weeks. If ordering with other products in same order, others will be waited & shipped out with the this product.

$ 2,388.00

Product InformationStitching Pack: 2-tone Moon Keychain SetSize: 6.8 cm x 4.1 cmColor: Blue / Yellow per oneMaterial: Full Vegetable Tanned Drum Dyed Cow Side Leather ◆Important Ordering Notes please check "MORE INFO"!

$ 168.00
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